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Saturday, November 21, 2009

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One morning, cats and humans looked up to see Hershey higher in the trees that he has ever ventured before:

What could he possibly be doing up there?

Aha! It's a SQUIRREL! (click the image to enlarge:)

Hey!! No fair jumping to that other tree:

Tootsie and Schooner come running:

In hopes of heading off the squirrel, Tootsie scurries up a neighboring tree . . .

But even with two cats in pursuit, the squirrel manages to evade capture:

Sorrowfully, Tootsie starts backs down . . .

pauses for a sniff . . .

and continues her descent:

On the ground again, Tootsie and Hershey come to terms with their disappointment:

"I guess he really is gone, right, Toots?"

"Well, Hershey, at least we still have each other":